No More Salt

Salt is supposed to be a preservative, an extra kick of flavor, yet it can also cause us pain, like high blood pressure. You know  that old saying, “throwing salt in a wound?” That’s been my life lately.

I had a long summer of job hunting and I’m finally settled into a career job that I love, and it feels good. While that feels great, I still have some unhealed wounds that salt makes its way into.



I was once a Mary Kay consultant and after a long hard road, I stopped. I didn’t give up, I didn’t quit, I didn’t throw in the towel, I just finally looked around and realized that this wasn’t where I was supposed to be.

Being surrounded by high heel wearing, phone call calling, party booking boss babes, made me feel empowered and that I could take on the world! Until I realized, this isn’t for me. I don’t work like this and I don’t know what to do.. My natural reaction was to panic and then try harder.  I did facial jars at nail salons, I made 40 texts a day, I read a book, I prayed and prayed and I still didn’t fit, and finally I realized, I was never made for this.

And it hurt, and I took it hard.  I felt like a failure, I spent $2,500 on supplies, I had a website and about 40 customers, and I was devastated and I felt like a failure, and a loser, and that I threw in the towel too early but I was never going to fit. I was never made for that kind of environment, I didn’t set goals like the other girls. I didn’t want a bracelet every month or a big diamond ring, it just wasn’t me so I stopped, and I never looked back.

Until recently, when I looked around at all the product sitting in my room, and that sinking feeling came back, and I started to panic and I started throwing salt on my wound and thinking of how much of a failure I was. I couldn’t do Mary Kay, I couldn’t get a job, What was I going to do?!

And finally, finally, the right thing came along and I’m right where I’m supposed to be. In my 8-5, working with other people, doing things I love and I don’t stress, I don’t worry, I just do, and that’s how its suppose to be. I can safely barry the hatchet on my Mary Kay career, pay my taxes, move my product and make a choice to do something else, and let that part of my life be over.




It’s time to stop throwing salt in that wound, even if the scar does run up the back of my leg, up my back, over my shoulder, down the front and stops at my foot. That scar will be huge, and gnarly, but it’ll tell a story of a girl who searched so hard to find herself, she found someone who she wasn’t was and is just now back to where she wanted to be.

It was awesome for a time and I learned a lot! I will always be proud of this scar cause it proves that I tried, that I failed, that I fell down, but at least I did something. I don’t want a perfectly safe and blemishless body, cause what does that prove? That I played on the side of the road, that I didn’t try anything new?  That’s not who I am.

    I’ve decided.

No more salt.

I am going to heal this wound.

One day at a time,

one dollar at a time,

and put Neosporin on it and

Cowgirl Up into my next adventure.


Because throwing salt in it never made it any better. 


What wound do you keep throwing salt in?


Do it for the “Damn, she got healthy”

I’ve never considered myself a gym rat, hell in high school I thought 4 sit ups in gym class was enough! hahah I rode horses and stayed active but nothing like I do now.

The Beginning

I really started my commitment to working out and being healthy in college. At UofL we had a huge Student Rec Center decked out with treadmills, weights and workout classes. It was included in our tuition payment, and I soon realized I had to pay rather I went or not, so I started going.

I started slow, walking on the treadmill and doing the elliptical but I noticed I was feeling more energized and relaxed. I started using walking as an outlet when school was overwhelming. From then I on, I started to add more to my routine including weekly yoga classes at the SRC.

Making a true commitment

Summer after junior year I was working 9-5 and noticed the SRC classes were sparse, so I started looking for a gym. I found Baptist Health/Milestone and really stepped up my health game. I got a package deal for the summer and my student status lowered the cost. 2 personal training sessions were included in the package and I felt more in control of my workouts and my personal trainer, Mary helped me get comfortable in the gym. She taught me how to use the machines properly, how to move the weight up and down and ways to challenge myself.

After that summer I continued working out, doing yoga and recently started taking pre and post workout. I’ve really liked the effects I’ve seen. The pre-workout gives me a jump of energy to start working out and the post-workout provides vitamins to improve recovery, lessen muscle soreness and improved bone mass.  Also, I pay a lot of money for these items, so I am motivated to workout and use them!

Since being home from college, I’ve started going to the local yoga studio in town- Yoga Studio 43 and I love it!! I’ve started doing barre- we use a ballet barre and do small controlled movements at a rapid pace and its a full body workout.

What working out has taught me

Yoga and working out has helped me learn to breathe. Life has been tough lately, still job searching- that’s hell enough, adjusting to being home, and just general stress. When life gets overwhelming I remember that I am able to breathe in a 100-degree room while doing hot yoga, I can breathe through this tough moment.

It’s put me in control of my life. I can’t control the job search and who hires me, but I can control my workouts and if I do a 30-second plank or do it for a full minute. I can push myself and feel accomplished at the end of the day instead of frustrated about what I can’t control.

I’m blessed with 4 working limps, a strong back and the ability to bend over, I’m going to celebrate that. I don’t balance well, but I’m getting better every day and I’m thankful that I even have a body to balance in.


holy shit you got hot

But my real motivation is my health. I don’t have a dress I’m squeezing into or a beach vacation coming up. I truly want to feel better, be in control of my body and have energy to tackle life instead of is tackling me.


I also don’t do scale victories, I can’t even tell you how much I weigh- ask my doctor hahah that’s the last time I got weighed.

I focus on strength and endurance. 

  • I’m up to 1:30 normal plank
  • 45 second side planks
  • I can do Pigeon (a really tough hip opener) comfortably and I’ve actually relaxed so much I melt like butter to the floor and lay down fully- a huge deal for me!


I love working out and the benefits it has shown in my life and body.

I hope it gives you peace, a way to try new things and a body you are proud of.


If you are curious about my workouts, pre/post workout or anything like that, Let me know 🙂 

Drive, cry, drive- life with Peppy

I started with a 2000 white toyota celica, that thing was so bad, it burned oil and black smoked and had barb wire pen stripping. It was awesome. No one ever rode with me since it was a 2 door car, but it got me everywhere. Town, 4-H events, friend’s houses and eventually Louisville.

celica no babrwire

I remember driving to Louisville on move-in day. My best friend Elle riding shotgun and me clutching the wheel driving 71. We stopped at Carrollton for gas and I remember telling myself, “you can turn around now. Your halfway home” but I didn’t. I learned to parrel park in Louisville, how to steal your parking spot back and that walking long distances to park was a new normal.

In 2016 the celica had seen better days and it was time for a new car. After some searching and lots of craigslist looking by Jake, I found her. A 2007 black 4-door chevy cobalt in Nicholasville KY. Peppy is her name, and I owe her my life.

She’s been through 75 trips to and from Louisville every other weekend, trips to Owensboro,  Carter Caves, and all over the state. She’s let me slam on her brakes when someone cut me off, switch lanes to fast and listen to me cry when life was just too much.

She’s been there for hearts to hearts in the driveways, 2-hour long phone calls with Elle on the way to and back from Louisville and all the grocery and Cane’s trips in-between.

Peppy has gotten me home quickly and taught me to be humble, and that the engine light really is important. (Almost $1,000 later, I won’t ignore that again.)


I’ve loved her since the day I saw her in the driveway when my parents brought her home. Peppy, I owe you my life and I’ll keep you until it’s time for someone else to love you like I have.


What was your first car? 

Life after PRK Surgery




After having PRK Surgery on Wednesday, May 16th I needed a lot of peace, rest and kindness for myself and from others. The surgery set me back farther than I had planned and I was surprised how dependent I had to be. I was unemployed at the time with just graduating from college and I was grateful for the time off and the chance to heal.

Lasik eye surgery changes the shape of your eye to allow for better vision without the use of contacts or glasses, in most cases. If you are over 40 you are more likely to need reading glasses later in life.

There are 2 types of laser eye surgery- Lasik and PRK.

Lasik creates a flap on your eye using your tissue which allows you to see instantly. While both are extremely safe there is the likelihood that something could happen to the flap in the eye and cause problems down the road.

PRK does not have a flap which means your eyes need more time to heal and I had to wear contacts for a week after the protect my eyes while they healed.

The University of Louisville Department of Ophthalmology was offering a special of only paying for the price of the laser, and having a resident perform the surgery under the supervision of the Head doctor.


Pre Surgery

Before surgery, I was instructed to stop wearing contacts 2 weeks prior since contacts change the shape of the eye. Other then than that I was to wear glasses and make arrangements for surgery. I live in Northern Kentucky and had to make plans for a hotel in Louisville.


During Surgery

I was prepped for surgery, pulling my hair back, numbing my eyes and signing release forms.

The surgery took less than 15 minutes. My eyes were held open, I was slid under the laser and received the treatment. It was hot on my face, and I had to focus on one spot, which was hard with all the pressure on my eye.

They placed contacts in my eyes to protect me while I healed, and I was able to see right away and then it started to get blurry.

The first day was okay, I went to lunch but I was super sensitive to light and wore sunglasses inside the restaurant. I was allowed to watch tv and use my phone, but I was tired from the surgery. To protect my eyes from damage I had to wear a face guard while I slept for the first couple weeks.



I had to do antibiotic drops and another drops 4 times a day for the first week.

I was super sensitive to light, my eyes hurt, watered all night long, and felt a lot of discomfort.

I went for a check up the next day and they said my eyes were almost 90% healed, which is great since our eyes heal so quickly! However I was not allowed to touch the contact at all, and it was floating so bad I couldn’t even see. I went home that night and rested.

Days after Surgery

I came home on Thursday and ventured out on Friday. I was basically in fishbowl mode, I could see few feet in front of me, everything else was blurry. I had to hold the menu 2 inches from my face to read properly for lunch. I was highly discouraged that I couldn’t drive or feel normal.

Over the weekend it got a little better each day, but I was concerned I would never see clearly.

I went back for a check up on that Monday and got the left contact out since I was healed enough. I had to leave the right one in, but I did feel safe enough to drive the next couple days. One week out from surgery I got the right contact out and finally felt normal and that my vision had returned. I stopped the antibiotics but was told to continue the other drops until my next appointment one week out.

I was released to workout, bend over and continue my normal life activities.

1 month out from surgery

I feel great! I had some difficulty at first with dry eyes and I use lubricating drops when it starts to hurt. I wake up seeing perfectly and have enjoyed the freedom of no contacts or glasses.

I will now continue eye drops twice a day for a month, and then once a day for a month to keep my eyes from overhealing and changing the prescription.


While it was tough in the moment I would recommend Lasik or PRK if your life allows!

No more bullshit

I’ve applied for 36 jobs and guess how many jobs I’m working, ZERO.

I graduated May 12th and it is the end of June and I don’t have a job and I’m going crazy.

So here I am working my ass off to get a job, writing cover letters, changing my resume and asking for help when needed.

Here are 3 things I’ve learned about job searching


1. Quit the Bullshit lies.

“Everything will work out!” “The right job is out there” “Oh you’ll be fine, don’t worry!”

Well not worrying and living on love doesn’t pay the bills.  I’m an optimistic person and I do believe everything happens for a reason but I’m tired of the lies, coming from people working 40 hours a week and paying their bills.

My best friend sent me this and it’s now my background cause it makes more sense then “it’ll be fine.”


Let bravery lead you, not lies.

2. Apply for anything and everything

Who cares if you are a little unqualified, do it anyway! Okay, if the job is VP of Marketing and they ask for 10 years experience and you have 10 months… may be a stretch, but hey, they will know your name!

I’ve applied for jobs I was a little unqualified for but wrote a bomb ass cover letter to prove I’m worth the hire. You never know what will happen until you try, and all they can do is say no and you move on.


3. Make sure to take care of yourself.

I always had an internship in college, I had 4 internships in a single year- I work my ass off, so this lapse in a job has hit me hard. Like I have a touch of depression, screaming out loud, crying for hours, hard, but I’m still here. I still hit submit on applications, I hit the gym, and I hit my water bottle instead of an alcohol bottle. Its okay to have mental breakdowns but you have to get up, wipe yourself off and try again.

I make daily lists so I have a schedule and feel like I accomplished things instead of being worried that I still don’t have a job, and its helped a lot.

This life is to short to be upset and stressed, I am blessed beyond belief and until that “perfect job” comes along, I will keep trying and keep working towards my other non-job goals.


I hope this gives you peace and a reminder that you are not alone.

Here’s to you, and may you find that job you are searching for!

Great website to check out:



Be good to people, and they’ll be good to you

Chris Strub is a social media professional with a passion for non-profits. He live streamed and snapchatted in all 50 states, doing a campaign with nonprofits and the salvation army. He worked at a newspaper in New York for  6 years, worked in advertising and is an author. He spoke to my Advanced Social Media class and provided key insight on making connections.

Chris shared the importance of being good to people and always striving to build relationships. Social media was built around communication and is made for making connections.

Personal Branding 

Personal branding is all about consistency, pick your niche and where you are most comfortable, then be yourself on all channels.

Build personal relationships on social, you don’t have to be the #1 or have the most followers, but you wanna be someone’s favorite person on social. Think “how can I provide value to the people who really want to hear from me?”

What you are putting out doesn’t have to please everybody and you’re not gonna please everyone. Drill down your audience and speak to them specifically.  “Be the netflix of your niche, be what people wanna go watch. Own and deliver value to the people that want to pay attention to you.”

How to Connect with fellow industry leaders and be authentic 

Build a relationship online and then meet with them in person. Start a connection and build it up. Be very personal when connecting with others. Video Replies are the way to go! Tweet a reply to someone and tell them the value and knowledge they gave you. Go above and beyond even when you don’t think you have too.

Chris shared the importance of being yourself and treating others like humans. Show them who you really are.  99.99% of people want to help you and build you up, and open doors for other people. Find something about their story to show that you care about them and talk about the things, they like to talk about.

Chris was fantastic and had great insight on how to further a future in social media and most importantly make connections with others!




Shine Bright Like a Diamond and be KNOWN

Mark Schafer is the author of the book Known, the book discusses building a personal brand and becoming known. He lives in Knoxville Tennessee, and my social media class is using his book as our textbook.

We had the privilege of skyping with Mark and hearing more about his journey. He was so thoughtful, engaging and helpful when discussing his book and best practices to be, KNOWN!

Mark’s book describes the steps and pattern it takes to get known. He said that before the book, a lot of people he talked to, it took them about 2 to 2 and 1/2  years to get known and develop their niche market. After the book, people were exclaiming how in 6 months, they had reached their goals, and Mark was confused how their success was sped up. He then realized all the people before didn’t have a plan, and a guide, they had to figure it out on there own.

This book is awesome, it’s a step by step guide on the questions to ask yourself and how to find and build your sustainable interest and move it forward. People are often to close to themselves to realize what they’re good at and what they can write about and build a market around.

“The Key is not having the right  answer, it’s asking the right questions” 



Keynote Speaker 

I’m really interested in sharing my thoughts and becoming a keynote speaker and Mark had great tips. He talked about starting small and building confidence. His best advice, “you learn something every single time you speak.” The more meetings you go to and the more connections you create, the more speaking opportunities you get and before you know it, you’re getting paid and building a following. But you have to start.

“You just gotta start, be humble, go for anything. Learn, get more powerful every time” 

Social Media Consulting

When asked about social media consulting, Mark stated that “Things will evolve, let the industry shows you where to go. Take your best shot and be open-minded to what the world tells you along the way.” People don’t trust companies, people trust people. Trust is built on being an advocate and having a personal brand is vitally important.


5 questions to ask a client 

1. What is your mission?

2.Who is your customer?

3.What does your customer value?

4.What are your results?

5. What is your plan?

The best way to do it is asking the question- “only we…” and have the client finish the answer. If members of the team give different answers, there’s a problem. Everyone should know the mission, customer, what they value and what makes them different.

Mark was a joy to listen to and gave amazing insight on how to get KNOWN and steps to take moving forward. I will be finishing his book and hopefully make waves the next few years, as I become KNOWN.

If you don’t already, Follow Mark on Social:



Check out his books on Amazon– he’s amazing and his advice will change your life!