Be good to people, and they’ll be good to you

Chris Strub is a social media professional with a passion for non-profits. He live streamed and snapchatted in all 50 states, doing a campaign with nonprofits and the salvation army. He worked at a newspaper in New York for  6 years, worked in advertising and is an author. He spoke to my Advanced Social Media class and provided key insight on making connections.

Chris shared the importance of being good to people and always striving to build relationships. Social media was built around communication and is made for making connections.

Personal Branding 

Personal branding is all about consistency, pick your niche and where you are most comfortable, then be yourself on all channels.

Build personal relationships on social, you don’t have to be the #1 or have the most followers, but you wanna be someone’s favorite person on social. Think “how can I provide value to the people who really want to hear from me?”

What you are putting out doesn’t have to please everybody and you’re not gonna please everyone. Drill down your audience and speak to them specifically.  “Be the netflix of your niche, be what people wanna go watch. Own and deliver value to the people that want to pay attention to you.”

How to Connect with fellow industry leaders and be authentic 

Build a relationship online and then meet with them in person. Start a connection and build it up. Be very personal when connecting with others. Video Replies are the way to go! Tweet a reply to someone and tell them the value and knowledge they gave you. Go above and beyond even when you don’t think you have too.

Chris shared the importance of being yourself and treating others like humans. Show them who you really are.  99.99% of people want to help you and build you up, and open doors for other people. Find something about their story to show that you care about them and talk about the things, they like to talk about.

Chris was fantastic and had great insight on how to further a future in social media and most importantly make connections with others!





Shine Bright Like a Diamond and be KNOWN

Mark Schafer is the author of the book Known, the book discusses building a personal brand and becoming known. He lives in Knoxville Tennessee, and my social media class is using his book as our textbook.

We had the privilege of skyping with Mark and hearing more about his journey. He was so thoughtful, engaging and helpful when discussing his book and best practices to be, KNOWN!

Mark’s book describes the steps and pattern it takes to get known. He said that before the book, a lot of people he talked to, it took them about 2 to 2 and 1/2  years to get known and develop their niche market. After the book, people were exclaiming how in 6 months, they had reached their goals, and Mark was confused how their success was sped up. He then realized all the people before didn’t have a plan, and a guide, they had to figure it out on there own.

This book is awesome, it’s a step by step guide on the questions to ask yourself and how to find and build your sustainable interest and move it forward. People are often to close to themselves to realize what they’re good at and what they can write about and build a market around.

“The Key is not having the right  answer, it’s asking the right questions” 



Keynote Speaker 

I’m really interested in sharing my thoughts and becoming a keynote speaker and Mark had great tips. He talked about starting small and building confidence. His best advice, “you learn something every single time you speak.” The more meetings you go to and the more connections you create, the more speaking opportunities you get and before you know it, you’re getting paid and building a following. But you have to start.

“You just gotta start, be humble, go for anything. Learn, get more powerful every time” 

Social Media Consulting

When asked about social media consulting, Mark stated that “Things will evolve, let the industry shows you where to go. Take your best shot and be open-minded to what the world tells you along the way.” People don’t trust companies, people trust people. Trust is built on being an advocate and having a personal brand is vitally important.


5 questions to ask a client 

1. What is your mission?

2.Who is your customer?

3.What does your customer value?

4.What are your results?

5. What is your plan?

The best way to do it is asking the question- “only we…” and have the client finish the answer. If members of the team give different answers, there’s a problem. Everyone should know the mission, customer, what they value and what makes them different.

Mark was a joy to listen to and gave amazing insight on how to get KNOWN and steps to take moving forward. I will be finishing his book and hopefully make waves the next few years, as I become KNOWN.

If you don’t already, Follow Mark on Social:



Check out his books on Amazon– he’s amazing and his advice will change your life!

Hello World, Freberg prepared me for you

I can’t say enough good things about #FrebergSM (check out the hashtag on Twitter). I have learned so much about my future and actually feel prepared for it coming out of college. Most of that thanks go to Dr. Karen Freberg Associate professor at the University of Louisville. She has been a rock star since day 1, teaching classes, using real-world clients, helping me find internships and always giving advice. I couldn’t have done it without her!

I’ll admit, I’m a senior and graduation is shinning like the light at the end of the tunnel and I was not planning to take Advanced Social media Strategy, but Freberg knew better than to let me off easy. I didn’t want to work hard and do lots of projects, but I will never regret my decision. I am a better social media professional and more educated after this experience.

Dr. Freberg set up exclusive content such as:

These were projects and experiences I wouldn’t have had without Advanced Social Media and Dr. Freberg. I’ve also developed a strong love for coffee after being around Dr. Freberg- She will be proud!

If you don’t already, follow Dr. Freberg on Twitter and check out her new book coming in August, Social Media for Strategic Communication. 

Thank you again for these experiences and being apart of my journey Dr. Freberg, I enjoyed working with you!

Advocate Abbie

Diet coke lover

Chicken connoisseur

Disabilities advocate

and my best friend

She calls me Ms.imtoogoodforsfotdrinks and I call her Diet Coke Bitch. hahha


Abbie set behind me sophomore year in a mass communication class and we worked on class work together. The next semester we were in another class together and a semester later we scheduled classes together on purpose. We spent almost everyday together last spring due to class and projects, but that’s when Abbie and I got close. That’s when I learned about her sweet nature and passion for individuals with disabilities.

She’s working on a campaign for workout tips and classes for those with disabilities and to make them feel included. She loves Adidas and is planning to show them the campaign. When she gets famous, I can say I was apart of the beginning stages of that project.


We worked two class projects together and I saw Abbie’s work ethic shine, she is a fantastic writer and has her own blog now Ab So Fab- check her out on Instagram and Facebook to follow along! She takes my jumble of words I send her and make them sound elegant and refined. She also LOVES to correct my grammar. *EYE ROLL*

Wednesday is Chick-fil-A day. Its the middle of the week, so Treat Yo Self and we have a 2-hour break so we get lunch. “Nugs or a sandwich?” is the typical question. We’re also workout buddies and we do a weekly check-in for workouts and school. It turns into me texting her what we have to to do for social media that week. It’s a good system.

We have lots of inside jokes *WINK* and she thinks I’m obsessed with cows because that’s all Jake ever talks about. But I love it and I love that’s she’s shown me Louisville and been willing to adventure with me. Our Chow wagon date, bundt cakes at Nothing Bundt Cakes Louisville and networking events, she’s been there for it all. Including when I think I can handle more than I can when we drink.


My biggest cheerleader, she always encourages me and pushes me to be better. Right after she shows me up on social media.

She’s a saint with proper grammar and the main reason I’ll miss Louisville.

Here’s to being CEO’s of a PR firm in a couple years and living our dreams Abbie! I’ll see you for our next Chick-Fil-A date with your diet lemonade and my sweet tea as we talk each other out of ice cream. Love you ❤




Louisville Bucket List

When I moved to Louisville for college in August 2014 I was extremely overwhelmed. I grew up in a small town, on a farm where I never had to lock my door.

Then I show up here and listen to airplanes fly over and “walk sign 3rd street”, I should have counted I think I heard it, 1,000 times a day. It was insane.

But instead of being a hermit and waiting to go back home I decided to make a bucket list of things to do in Louisville and looking back I am so glad I did.

My next couple blogs will detail my experiences along the way.

One of my favorites: The walking bridge and Adrienne and Company  for their 9 cent spaghetti night.

My roommates and I found a warm Thursday night to try our adventure. We had on backpacks with water, sunglasses and gym shoes, and Sidney wore sandals since she didn’t have gym shoes.. but oh well and we went.

walking bridge

The Walking bridge clocks at roughly 2 miles. According to the website, The Louisville ramp is approximately 1/4 mile (1,181 ft.), the bridge itself is approximately 1/2 mile (2,562), and the Jeffersonville ramp is approximately 1/4 mile, for a total round trip of 2 miles.

It was a quick walk about 30 minutes and it was beautiful looking at the water. We made our way over to the other side and walked a couple blocks to our dinner at Adrienne’s.

They were having their 9 cent spaghetti night and we wanted to be apart. Its simple, spend $2 and get the spaghetti for 9 cents. Order a drink, bread, meatballs, or dessert. We enjoyed dinner and dessert.


With our bellies full we made our trek back to Kentucky, and the bridge was nothing short of beautiful at sunset.


If you’re looking for some exercise, great food and a beautiful view, put the walking bridge and Adrieene and Company on your list.

But Bundt Nothing

You know those desserts that are so delicious you dream about them? I would put these bundt cakes on the list.

Nothing Bundt Cakes has grown Nationwide, starting from 2 women making cake as a side business. When I saw one was located in Louisville, I had to find out for myself.

Abbie and I ventured there after seeing their social media and realizing we had to have these delicious cakes for ourselves.


The atmosphere is so downhome and refreshing when you walk in. We were greeted and immediately offered a sample- that day it was chocolate with chocolate chips and it melted in my mouth and I was sold.

$3.50 for a single mini size cake, take my wallet, I wanted to try all of them!

They have various cake flavors and sell single servings,  8inch cakes, tired bundt cakes, and more.

Nothing Bundt Cake

Look at that cute decoration! I will definitely be getting one made for my Graduation in may!

Find a store for yourself and tag me when you go!


Twitter Superstar

Have you ever met a mastermind in person? Or at least virtually? I have!

Last week my social media class had the privilege of chatting with Madalyn Sklar host of the twitter chat #TwitterSmarter .

Madalyn shared her journey on Twitter and how she was an early founder of twitter chats. She is a digital marketer who started twitter chats a part of her passion for the music industry and used Twitter to connect with others. She discussed live tweeting at conferences and encouraging us to do the same. She said to use quotes when tweeting, tag the speaker and use the conference hashtag if there is one.

Twitter chats are scheduled chats where anyone can join and discuss a predetermined topic. Typically an hour-long session that includes 7-8 questions where knowledge and resources are exchanged.

Advice for Twitter Chats

  • Go with the intention of meeting people and creating connections.
  • Don’t promote yourself, let your profile picture and bio do that for you.
  • Become a regular and be consistent on Twitter chats each week. Showing up for 5 minutes is better than not showing up at all.
  • Introduce yourself and even if you aren’t familiar with the content, like others tweets, ask a question, or leave a comment.
  • Twitter chats are big networking events and that’s where communities build and grow.

If you have a specialized area and don’t see others hosting twitter chats about that subject, do it yourself!

“I’m a just do it, person. Ready, Aim, Fire!”

Madalyn was inspiring when she described that there is never a right time to do anything. The best thing to do is just get started and perfect it from there.

That’s something I’m still working on. Being willing to hit post, before I’m ready or committing to something like Twitter Chats when I feel I’m not as qualified as others.

I’m not a video person, and I don’t personally like videos longer than about 30 seconds, but Madalyn emphasized video. It doesn’t matter if your hair is a reck, or if you have bad lighting, she said to just do it. She encouraged #VideoReplies. Someone tweets you and instead of tweeting back, you hit “camera” and record a short 30-second video, thanking them or giving your feedback. It’s a much more personalized reply and its part of her encouragement to stop worrying about what others think.

Branding is important, and the best thing for yourself is exposure. Tag brands in posts, “be persistent without being a pest.”

I am honored to have spoken virtually to the legend of #TwitterSmarter and be able to use her advice moving forward.

Be on the lookout for a Local Lacee Twitter Chat 🙂