Louisville Bucket List

When I moved to Louisville for college in August 2014 I was extremely overwhelmed. I grew up in a small town, on a farm where I never had to lock my door.

Then I show up here and listen to airplanes fly over and “walk sign 3rd street”, I should have counted I think I heard it, 1,000 times a day. It was insane.

But instead of being a hermit and waiting to go back home I decided to make a bucket list of things to do in Louisville and looking back I am so glad I did.

My next couple blogs will detail my experiences along the way.

One of my favorites: The walking bridge and Adrienne and Company  for their 9 cent spaghetti night.

My roommates and I found a warm Thursday night to try our adventure. We had on backpacks with water, sunglasses and gym shoes, and Sidney wore sandals since she didn’t have gym shoes.. but oh well and we went.

walking bridge

The Walking bridge clocks at roughly 2 miles. According to the website, The Louisville ramp is approximately 1/4 mile (1,181 ft.), the bridge itself is approximately 1/2 mile (2,562), and the Jeffersonville ramp is approximately 1/4 mile, for a total round trip of 2 miles.

It was a quick walk about 30 minutes and it was beautiful looking at the water. We made our way over to the other side and walked a couple blocks to our dinner at Adrienne’s.

They were having their 9 cent spaghetti night and we wanted to be apart. Its simple, spend $2 and get the spaghetti for 9 cents. Order a drink, bread, meatballs, or dessert. We enjoyed dinner and dessert.


With our bellies full we made our trek back to Kentucky, and the bridge was nothing short of beautiful at sunset.


If you’re looking for some exercise, great food and a beautiful view, put the walking bridge and Adrieene and Company on your list.


But Bundt Nothing

You know those desserts that are so delicious you dream about them? I would put these bundt cakes on the list.

Nothing Bundt Cakes has grown Nationwide, starting from 2 women making cake as a side business. When I saw one was located in Louisville, I had to find out for myself.

Abbie and I ventured there after seeing their social media and realizing we had to have these delicious cakes for ourselves.


The atmosphere is so downhome and refreshing when you walk in. We were greeted and immediately offered a sample- that day it was chocolate with chocolate chips and it melted in my mouth and I was sold.

$3.50 for a single mini size cake, take my wallet, I wanted to try all of them!

They have various cake flavors and sell single servings,  8inch cakes, tired bundt cakes, and more.

Nothing Bundt Cake

Look at that cute decoration! I will definitely be getting one made for my Graduation in may!

Find a store for yourself and tag me when you go!


Twitter Superstar

Have you ever met a mastermind in person? Or at least virtually? I have!

Last week my social media class had the privilege of chatting with Madalyn Sklar host of the twitter chat #TwitterSmarter .

Madalyn shared her journey on Twitter and how she was an early founder of twitter chats. She is a digital marketer who started twitter chats a part of her passion for the music industry and used Twitter to connect with others. She discussed live tweeting at conferences and encouraging us to do the same. She said to use quotes when tweeting, tag the speaker and use the conference hashtag if there is one.

Twitter chats are scheduled chats where anyone can join and discuss a predetermined topic. Typically an hour-long session that includes 7-8 questions where knowledge and resources are exchanged.

Advice for Twitter Chats

  • Go with the intention of meeting people and creating connections.
  • Don’t promote yourself, let your profile picture and bio do that for you.
  • Become a regular and be consistent on Twitter chats each week. Showing up for 5 minutes is better than not showing up at all.
  • Introduce yourself and even if you aren’t familiar with the content, like others tweets, ask a question, or leave a comment.
  • Twitter chats are big networking events and that’s where communities build and grow.

If you have a specialized area and don’t see others hosting twitter chats about that subject, do it yourself!

“I’m a just do it, person. Ready, Aim, Fire!”

Madalyn was inspiring when she described that there is never a right time to do anything. The best thing to do is just get started and perfect it from there.

That’s something I’m still working on. Being willing to hit post, before I’m ready or committing to something like Twitter Chats when I feel I’m not as qualified as others.

I’m not a video person, and I don’t personally like videos longer than about 30 seconds, but Madalyn emphasized video. It doesn’t matter if your hair is a reck, or if you have bad lighting, she said to just do it. She encouraged #VideoReplies. Someone tweets you and instead of tweeting back, you hit “camera” and record a short 30-second video, thanking them or giving your feedback. It’s a much more personalized reply and its part of her encouragement to stop worrying about what others think.

Branding is important, and the best thing for yourself is exposure. Tag brands in posts, “be persistent without being a pest.”

I am honored to have spoken virtually to the legend of #TwitterSmarter and be able to use her advice moving forward.

Be on the lookout for a Local Lacee Twitter Chat 🙂

On the Rocks: Shooting Straight Bourbon Whiskey with Jason

Jason Falls is as real as it gets. He spoke to my Advanced Social Media about strategy, bourbon, and best practices. Jason is an author, keynote speaker, redneck and bourbon enthusiast. He tells it like it is without a filter and I like it.

Jason described his journey working in PR and social media, including working at Doe Anderson Advertising in Louisville. He currently works for Team Cornett: Advertising Agency in Lexington on the Buffalo Trace Bourbon account.  I completed the Bourbon Trail, but haven’t made it to Buffalo Trace yet, it’s on my list!

Jason Falls Social Media

Yes, love that grain smell!

Jason gave it to us straight, he said traditional media isn’t dying, it’s shifting. There has been a lot of change in media over the years. PR and Social media fit hand in hand. A lot of times people have blinders and assume that if something is wrong, its a social media problem. However, it could be a problem somewhere else, but end up affecting social media.

Personal Branding is important, but it doesn’t have to be everything. It can make or break leads, jobs, or opportunities. Jason cautioned the importance of it, but not over obsessing on it. You have to push the envelope, do what people are NOT doing. Stand out from the crowd and shine! Find your personality and play it up.

Pitching media is all about relationships. Anyone can get a reporters email or tweet them constantly, but relationships take time. A comment here and there on their posts, a short email asking them if they’re interested in your project, goes a lot farther than spamming then into responding. Don’t put yourself with a company or a story that isn’t relevant, align yourself with the right opportunities.

Jason said his personal favorite whiskey is Elijah Craig, another thing I need to try!

I found Jason engaging and so refreshing to talk to. He shoots it straight with honest comments and influence.






I’m gonna need a bigger net

I came to Louisville to try city life, and for me, this was the big city. I thought that no one knew anyone and that this place was huge. I was wrong, Louisville’s small in comparison to real big cities but also the way networking has worked for me. Everybody knows somebody and has helped to lead me to a different company and another opportunity.

While networking with Dabney at Evan Williams Bourbon I was connected with Emily who is the Special Events Logistics Coordinator,  for Live Nation at the Louisville Palace and Mercury Ballroom. Emily connected me with Mallory the Marketing Director,  and I learned a lot about what life in events and marketing really looks like.

It’s not all sunshine and roses, maybe Guns and Roses but it’s not always perfect. Mallory described her position, and she is doing about 18 jobs a day. Ticket sales, promotions, graphic design, e-blasts, newsletters, I was highly impressed that she kept it all straight and had time in the day to breathe.

Emily described that she barely sees her desk as she is constantly running around, organizing items between venues, carrying chairs on ber back and keeping everything moving on schedule.

Both are extremely hard workers with a lot to handle but there tips and insight into reality are helping to shape my future job search.


Tips for Job applications

  1. Have a skill that will set you apart. Photoshop? Moviemaker? Whatever it is, highlight it.
  2. Have a portfolio, digital and print to showcase your skills. Getting an A on a paper about microbiology may not land you the job as a sales manager, but if you can write, they can show you how to write for them.
  3. Have a foundation. Be a good writer, take quality photos, know how to use excel. You can always customize your skills to meet the job, but a basis helps.
  4. Show them how you will add value. Align your skills in a way that you’re not saying “I did this,” but what will that do for the business? What did you learn and how can you add value to them?
  5. Take lots of opportunities and apply for many jobs. But also be aware of taking the time to write cover letters, create documents specifically for that company and knowing them on a deeper level will set you apart. Follow their social media, even if its, not a social media position, know what the company does and who they are.
  6. Thank you notes and proofreading are key. Always thank them for their time and re-read what your sending, spelling mistakes aren’t a good first impression.

I am so thankful for the chance to check out the Palace and the Mercury Ballroom, beautiful spaces for events. Thank you again, Emily and Mallory for your time! (I also gave them in person thank you notes!)

I sold my soul to Feast



I’ve always enjoyed BBQ, but once I started dating Jake that was all he wanted, that and ice cream. I rolled my eyes the first few times and obliged to his requests to eat BBQ, but little did I know Louisville BBQ would turn out to be my favorite.

My family and I have visited Mark’s Feed Store many times for different events and always enjoyed quality service and food. I then heard people raving about Feast in “Nulu.” What? Where is that? I barley understand J-Town and Butchertown and now this?? But My mom and I had time and she was in town and we decided this Feast place must be decent and it was on my Louisville bucket list, so we went.

Decent? I should have slapped myself for ever thinking it would be decent!

I’m going to get dramatic, but it was the best damn BBQ I ever had! I never reached for the sauce or my phone, I was so in love with the BBQ I could barely put the sandwich down!

MOm Feast BBQ.jpg

Here is my sweet mom eating lunch with me over the summer. 


Oh and there were sweet potato fries and Fried pickles, ah stop me now. I’m driving to Feast to get some. Oh boy, I can’t even describe it.

Just go to feast order a pork sandwich, sweet potato fries and bring friends to share fried pickles.

Did I mention the Bourbon Slushies?? Oh yea, they also have a bar with Bourbon.


Fried Pickles.

Bourbon. I’m there!

We went one night as a going away dinner for my best friend and I told her that if something bad had happened to her that day, I would have visited her in the hospital/ mourned her death and then still have gotten Feast…

Go check it out, and when you do call me!


Letters to Santa

Remember when you were a kid and you use to write letters to Santa? Remember how you wrote them with no question that they would reach Santa and he would open them and listen to your request and then that toy would show up under the tree? What happened to that child like believe you use to have? More importantly what happened to letter writing??

The closet thing I get to a letter in the mail is a post card from my dentist saying its time to come in for a cleaning. Where did letter writing go? It’s decreased with technology, just like how newspapers are online, instead of being printed- we live in a world of instant gratification and we want everything now, not later.

I’m not that person. I still hand write letters, notes, and send pictures through the mail. Even though my phone, Facebook and that person may be sitting next to me. I think we need to get back to paper and enjoying the simplicity of it.

I’ve been with my boyfriend Jake for 5 years and you know my favorite part, reading old letters I wrote to him and looking at pictures of us from Junior Prom. Sure those prom pics are on my Facebook, but I love laying in bed and seeing him on the wall. That android phone I had in high school is long gone and all those gushie text messages about how I couldn’t wait to see him the next day are long gone. But what I do have are the letters and notes he left me, and I will treasure them because they aren’t instantly there, and I have to search to get them.

I just wrote and sent 10 pieces of mail today and it cost me money, but the next time I see Jake’s sister Amanda, my best friend Elle who’s in Columbus and when I see Jake they’ll all smile brighter because i took the time to send them something in the mail and spend my money instead of a text message.

I will forever be old and I will write letters and I will cherish living in the paper world over this digital one.